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February 22, 2007


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Maomao Castle




Asobi.tech the Science of Play, micro video games studio.



Founded in 2007 by brothers Quang and Viet. Born in Hanoi, Vietnam. The family in 1979 were forced to flee from their country with whatever belongings they could carry, basically, nothing, and became refugees. Eventually settling in the UK during the period known as, the Vietnamese Boat People refugee exodus. The name Asobi.tech r​epresents the two brothers Eastern/Western upbringing. Taking ​“Asobi”​ the Japanese word for Play, and ​“Tech”​ an English word for a type of Science - bringing them together as ​Asobi.tech - the Science of Play​.


Programmer Quang spent his life going from coding ZX Spectrums to GameBoy games, then being a breakdancer, to taking part in many Game Jams along the way, before founding Asobi.tech. To help foster a stronger indiedev community, Quang started a monthly GameMaker Meetup.


Creative Viet has had a flare for art, especially computer art. Starting with ASCII manipulation to create game sprites then pixel pushing on the ZX Spectrum with OCP Art Studio. Into the 16bit era with a mixture of NeoChrome, Degas, Deluxe Paint and the humble STOS sprite editor, all on the Atari ST. Finally moving onto Windows PCs with Paint Shop Pro. Today Asobi.tech’s art is done directly via iPad and iPhone.


Currently Asobi.tech is working on ​MaoMao Castle: A Magical Cat-Dragon Fantasy Adventure,​ originally created for Castle Game Jam 2016, where it won 3 out of the 6 awards; Best Graphics, Best Music, and Overall Game. It was so well received that they decided to make it into a full commercial release. During its 3 year development cycle it has been displayed at over sixty events (including Gamescom, EGX and Insomnia Gaming Festival) and has gone from a simple mobile tablet demo, to a much grander, arcade experience. Using a hand tracking LEAPmotion controller, a large projector screen, and a Hype-Tiger. Exhibiting the game has helped spread awareness of its development, play test and help refine the user experience. A spare time project of the two brothers, has been an exciting learning experience for both of them, currently with the hope of finding shared love for their passion project’s release.



MaoMao Castle at MCM Comicon YouTube

MaoMao Castle Pitch YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "ZEALOUS.CO EMERGE GAMING PRIZE 2018 - FINALIST." - MaoMao Castle, May 2018
  • "INTEL BUZZ LONDON 2017 DEVELOPER SHOWCASE - RUNNER UP." - MaoMao Castle, London, April 2017
  • "POCKET GAMER CONNECTS LONDON 2017 VERY BIG INDIE PITCH - FINALIST." - MaoMao Castle, London, January 2017
  • "CASTLE GAME JAM 2016 - WINNER: BEST GRAPHICS, BEST MUSIC, BEST GAME." - MaoMao Castle, Orebro, Sweden, July 2016
  • "INDIE SPEED RUN 3.0 - RUNNER UP" - The Moon Conspiracy, Online, December 2015

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Quang Nguyen
Founder, Game Designer, Coder - Asobi.tech

Viet Nguyen
Artist - Asobi.tech

Cain McCormack
Music - Freelancer

Robin Williams
Music - Freelancer

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