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JetPakDX Final 05/07/99 build

What's the latest with Jet Pak DX
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What is Jet Pac?

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oi Oi OI!
It's finished, finally. It's been like 3 months or so since I started this project.
In the process I've learnt C, I've learnt a lot about the GB's hardware, and I've learnt a bit about the games industry.
I don't know what to say about Jet Pak DX, so I'll let the game speak for itself.
Download it, grab your favourite Game Boy emulator, and enjoy.

Also I've uploaded the source code for version 0.04 of the game. As requested by Pranis.
It might be of interest to a few others of you out there.
JetPak v0.04 Source

I finally got some time this weekend to work on the new beta for JetPak DX.
After spending about a week or so of evenings and late nights working on Gameboy sound code,
I've come back to JetPak DX and I've completely rewrote the code.
This explains why this release is v0.08 and not v0.07, as that was scrapped for being a complete mess.
Okay, so you've built your ship, you fuelled it, now what? You get in the damn thing and fly away to the next stage, that's what you do.
I've put in 3 stages, with 3 differrent enemies. Level 1 - Kamikaze Meteorites. Level 2 - Funky Furries. and Level 3 - Bouncing Bubbles.
Oh, and if you're looking for more points, the odd diamond or gold bar out there.
And the game isn't too hard. You're just not good enough.
I bet you it's been annoying you that you couldn't pick up the spaceship parts, well that's fixed now.
I've added the code for you to pick them up and build it.
Also after building it you'll find little fuel pods falling from the sky for you to fuel your ship.
After the a few emails I got and talking to some of you on IRC, I've made one or two minor changes to version 0.05.
The main point being I've slowed it down. Redownload the zip file, and the changed rom is called jpak005s.gb.
I'm now up to beta version 0.05 which has just got colour.
And with the great response FoulOne has had with his GB Lander Home page, I thought it was about time I unleashed my work onto the unexpecting public.

Kill those mean bubbles, show them what you're made of.
Pick up all those space treasures.
Now you can actually get away.

Download the latest version, and the older verison if you want to. Play them, even study the source code of the first release.
Hopefully this will inspire more bedroom programmers to start game development.
Any comments, questions don't hesitate to e-mail me at quang@asobi.tech

A little more for you do to now. Pick up those spaceship parts and build your getaway vehicle.
Don't forget to fuel it.

JetPak DX v0.06
Added to the zip file, slowed down version. JPAK005S.GB
Looks great in colour yeah?
It's now in a suitably fit state to release to the public.

JetPak DX v0.05s

This is where things started to get exciting, I added the first level baddies, the meteorites.
Now you could shoot them, they could crash into the platformsand you. You could even get points for blowing them away.

GB JetPac v0.04
The next thing for the little jetman was to give him a weapon. So I gave him a laser, granted it wasn't as spectacular as the one in the spectrum version, but I did the best with the Gameboy's restrictions.
And now he was hovering about discharging into space :o)

GB JetPac v0.03
I had to redraw the graphics as the Spectrum sprite would be too big for the tiny Gameboy screen.
But as you can see I'm no great artist. I added some platforms for him and the detection so he could stand on them.

GB JetPac v0.02
This is the very first thing I did with GB Jet Pac, just to make sure I could get a sprite on sreen and moving about.
You'll notice the actual sprite is the very same one from the Spectrum version.

GB JetPac v0.01

All those of you that ever owned a Sinclair Spectrum, are sure to remember a great little game called "Jet Pac".
And all those of you that didn't, shame on you.
After tinkering around, learning to code for the Gameboy, with a few half hearted attempts to produce anything decent. I set myself the task of recreating this great game for the Gameboy, for many other generations to enjoy.
So with my trusty
Text Editor, GBDK C compiler, GB DevStudio, and GB Tile Designer, I set off to code the greatest Homebrewn GameBoy game.